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Welcome at Turan

Created in 2010, the Haras of Turan is a jumping horse stable dedicated to the Selle Français, and organized around three strains:

-       A worldwide famous strain, « du Château », rich in international champions, and represented in Turan by Vick de Courcel, already French champion at 3 years old

-       An earlier strain, also from an international champion: Ueleme, whose products occupy podiums in France from 130/150 sporting events and we can expect many more young champions from her. Very prolific from embryo transfer, Uelème is at the moment the first brood mare in France.

-       Our « homemade » strain, from Northern mares crossed with an anglo-arab stallion (Dare Dare, also the father of Dilème de Cèphe – winner of the World Cup 2006). That strain, despite its less abundant roots, provided us many high-indexed products, until 145.

Horses we have selected or bred exploiting these three strains do not possess the same skills. Nevertheless they have some common characteristics:

-       Extraordinary respect of bars

-       Energy, flexibility

-       Intelligence, willingness to jump and to win

-       Gentleness and respect from mankind


We handpick horses that will bring strength and flexibility while maintaining these qualities.

We breed our horses to satisfy the most demanding professional horse riders seeking a true performer as well as ambitious amateurs, and young riders, who would like to enjoy their selves with a trustworthy, pleasant and capable companion. 

The Haras de Turan's Origins

A story of passion and friendship… We have been supported and guided in this adventure by a passionate family of horse breeder, Gilles and Marie-France Samain’s, whose children now take care of the Petit Bois stables at Lambres les Douai.


The vocation for breeding had initially a family ambiation (under the Avril stock), with already many well-marked indexes (until 145).


In 2010 we decided to make the transition to a professional breeding, with the adoption of the name « de Turan » and the acquisition of new brood mares of quality, in particular Queen of Lulu and Ululu, daughters of the famous international winner Uelème and then Vick de Courcel, niece of Itot du Château.


During their first three years the foals were placed in the good care of Laurence and Vincent Roger. Then they left for training in Franck Vancrayelynghe’s stables in Corbie. 

News for the Haras de Turan

May 2016: Ululu at the Cabourg Grand Prix

May 2016: Vick de Courcel at the Chantilly Grand Prix

Breeding schedule for 2014/2015

We are waiting for a birth through transfer from Vick (with Diamant de Semilly), and a foal from l'Etoile and Armitage Boy. New transfers will take place in the spring with Ululu and Queen.

November 2014, back to the stalls for the foals

For the youngest, the beautiful after season was similar to ongoing freedom. Back to stalls. First grooming. First pictures (available on each horse's page)

October 2014, Equita fair in Lyons, Ululu champion of CIR

Ululu dominates the CIR championship, she wins both races without any mistake and high level grades. Wiser than in Fontainebleau and not impressed at all by the 5* atmosphere. She gets used to being a real champion.

October 2014, International 2* of Opblabbeek, Queen is leading

Queen of Lulu wins all the speed races ! After a summer with us and a fourth place with Quentin at the French Championship for amateurs 2, she went back to Franck's small team.

September, Competition

"Oh là là Ululu*",... 

Champion of the 6-year old, 3rd of the Critérium, 4 rounds without a single mistake... She started the week like a lion, full of energy, and kept improving at each lap. She offers Franck a new podium in this 6-year old championship, barely two years after the Symbole d'Argent championship. Congratulations !

(*) It is the heartfelt cry, Grand Prize version... It synthesize itself our week of emotions...

July 2014, Competition

Ululu is qualified for the 6-year old final
Vick and Valco have stopped after a few rounds and booked for their 6th-year old

June, Two brand new foals

Etincelle de Turan from L'Etoile d'Avril and Kannan
Espion de Turan from Ululu and Kannan

May 2014, Competition

Turan is the 35th French breeding regarding its young horses level during competition

May, CompetitionCSI Fonainebleau (Jump Boost)

May, 2nd: Queen of Lulu wins the speed 130 of the CSI** while Ululu wins the 6 and 7 year-old sporting contests. 
May, 3rd: Queen of Lulu ends up 4th for the 130 and Ululu 2nd of the Grand Prix dedicated to 6 years old horses

A very good start of the season, competition

- Queen of Lulu finishes on the podium of the two Grand Prix 130 of Fay-les-Etangs

- Ululu makes no mistake and 4 points in 6-year classical cycles in Genainville

- Valco and Vick de Courcel both make no mistakes in 5-year classical cycles